Frumsýning “Hækkum rána” erlendis!

Hækkum rána byrjar heimsreisu sína í Kanada á kvikmyndahátíðinni Hot Docs í lok Apríl.

Heimasíða Hot Docs greinir frá því:

“How controversial can one basketball team of eight-year-old girls be? Very. In 2016, an Icelandic coach decided to train his youngsters unconventionally: he would build mental and technical champions able to channel inner feelings into top physical results and instruct each team member not only as a skilled individual but as a leader as well.Essentially, he parented each preteen girl into an empowered young woman. It worked.
The team quickly dominated their own league, so they asked to play against boys. For a country that prides itself on gender parity, Iceland’s sports culture hadn’t gotten the message. Protests led to front-page news, but the girls pressed on, took up space and used their voices to question the rules. When they took their next shot at a championship game, however, they had to reach deeper than ever into their training to find the final line and, shockingly, cross it. Myrocia Watamaniuk”
Raise the Bar – Trailer: