Vote on whether the girls ‘and boys’ teams can compete

It will be proposed that the girls ‘and boys’ basketball teams can play in the same category at the Icelandic tournament until the age of 14 from UMFK – Athena. Two years ago, the same proposal was presented at the KKÍ’s annual meeting. Then the girls competed on behalf of ÍR, but when it came to speaking for the proposal, no one from ÍR spoke in favor of it. 


UMFK’s proposal entails that the following rule be added to the division of players: 


The KKÍ tournament committee can allow a team to compete in an Icelandic tournament that is either gender-mixed or appointed players of the opposite sex from miniball 10 years up to the 9th division. 


Such permission will only be granted if a club wishing to send such a team to the competition has submitted a justified request to the tournament committee. The club has to  justify in the opinion of the tournament committee that there is reason to grant such permission to be taken into account, among other things, / or the development of the team and / or players applied for. 


If such a permit is applied for a team, its players can generally not compete in both the men’s and women’s categories, but this is possible in the case of a transfer of individual players between teams. 


Mixed teams or teams of the opposite sex can compete in all tournaments in a specific category except in the finals in the Icelandic Championship. If such a team has earned a place in the finals, the team that comes closest to the points before the finals shall be entered. 


The license of the tournament committee according to the above does not apply to competition in the KKÍ Cup competitions.


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