VÍSIR NEWS ARTICLE: “Accuse KKÍ of wanting to silence sexual violence”

A video was released this week, “KKI – SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND VIOLENCE” to Athena Basketball’s facebook page. The Icelandic news outlet, Vísir.is, covers the story.

Translated article from visir.is Icelandic news outlet.

Athena Basketball demands action from the Icelandic Basketball Association, KKI. The club’s management finds the situation unacceptable and claims that girls are not safe within the community due to unresolved issues and inaction regarding sexual violence.

Athena has issued a detailed and unequivocal statement on the matter, which can be found in its entirety below, as well as produced and released a video where they go into the seams of what they consider to be an unacceptable state of affairs.

“We consider it highly irresponsible that parents of practitioners are not warned of coaches being employed that have an alleged history of sexually harassing young A-national team members. To this day they are still in the coaching staff of younger national teams” the statement said.

It also states that the priority is to ensure the safety and rights of players: “Parents, girls and women must be able to trust that they can play their sport without being sexually harassed. They must be able to trust that it is evident practice that sexual violence isn’t tolerated, even if all national teams would suddenly be without a coach for a while (for ex. if all cases were reported to the KKÍ). ”Jóhanna Jakobsdóttir, chairwoman of Athena, signed the statement.