Vísir discusses the application Aþena made to ÍBR and ÍSÍ

Recently, Vésteinn Sveinsson, a coach at Aþena, attended an interview with Frosti and Máni at Harmageddon and discussed the application process for the establishment of the club. According to Athena, the application process has taken an unreasonably long time and it seems that the establishment of the club is being deliberately delayed. The whole process is traced here.



Following the interview with Harmageddon, Vísir published an article on the matter where Líney Rut Halldórsdóttir, CEO of ÍSÍ, answers on behalf of ÍSÍ. There she mentions, among other things, that Brynjar Karl’s training methods have delayed the processing of the application. See full article here.