The director of ‘’Hækkum Rána’’ in an interview on the radio station K100.

Director Guðjón Ragnarsson, who has been following our girls for the past 5 years, in the making of the documentary “Hækkum Rána”, was interviewed by Siggi Gunnar, and Logi Bergmann on K100.


” The idea came up in 2015. Then I met Brynjari Karli after I moved home from studying acting in Los Angeles. After a short acquaintance with Brynjar, he invites me to attend a training session with the girls. I stand there completely puzzled during the first exercise. Both how he speaks to them, and also how they respond to him. The atmosphere was electric, so I thought to myself that someone needed to film this. ” Said Guðjón Ragnarsson, when asked how this idea came to him.