Sölvi Tryggva Podcast – Interview with Brynjar Karl

Brynjar Karl was invited to the biggest podcast in Iceland by Sölvi Tryggvason, a well-know media personality in Iceland. They went over a wide range in just over two hours, as he got to explain the story and his methods further.

On the podcasts youtube page, they describe Brynjar Karli in the following way.

” Brynjar Karl Sigurðsson is Iceland’s most controversial coach. In recent years, he has coached young girls in basketball, who now play for the basketball club Athena. The documentary “Hækkum Ráni” which was recently released and deals with the journey of Brynjar and the girls has attracted enormous publicity in the community. In the episode, Sölvi and Brynjar talk about the whole process around the film and the training, Brynjar’s career and his methods and much much more. ‘ ‘ 

The entire interview can be listened to on Sölvi’s youtube page here below. (english subtitles)