Is Brynjar Karl an idiot?

The handball legend Ólafur Stefánsson attended a chat with Sölvi Tryggvi where Brynjar Karl, head coach af Aþena, spoke. Óli and Brynjar know each other well and Óli had fun stories to tell about their work together:


“Binni is just a” Navy Seal “guy. He once offered me a summer house, right before the Olympic Games in London, “says Ólafur. This was in 2012 and Ólafur was at the tip of his career in handball.


“I have never been in such good shape. So he says, we should go hicking. Then he starts a little competition and says, “Dude, lets just hurry a little bit up?” And I excepted, as I say, I was in the shape of my life. I tried to keep up with him, but he’s just left me in the dust. I refused to believe that this was happening, I was on my way to a big tournament and he just left me behind like this. This was an uncomfortable truth for me and he did the same when I was starting a business. We went to Þingvellir together and he had a go at me and told me that I was just in “LaLa-land” with these ideas of mine. Of course, my first defensive reaction to think that the man is an idiot and I went home. We were going to spend a few nights together, but I could only endure one day. In retrospect, everything he said was right, “says Ólafur, who understands that the movie “Hækkum rána” has caused a great deal of controversy in Iceland:


” We do not have West-Point in Iceland fighting Russia or the Chinese all day, so we do not really know how to deal with people who have “Navy-Seal” approaches to things like Brynjar. So, of course, it’s tricky to see a man like that train young girls. But Binni defends himself and does not recommend that others train like him. But there are people like him who make us think and criticize things and think about something that may have just been in a puddle for a long time. “

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