Brynjar Karl in Kastljós 

The head coach of Athena, Brynjar Karl Sigurðsson, broke the silence yesterday, after 4 years. In the morning he went to Frosti and Máni on X977, and later that day he went for a TV interview with Einar in Kastljós.


Einar asked him about his training methods and the discussions that have followed the release of “Hækkum Rána”.


“Part of strengthening children’s resilience is putting them in difficult situations,” says Brynjar.


Einar asks if his methods are something that he thinks all coaches should adopt, which he says Brynjar Karl not at all. “You have to be very capable of doing this, you have to know where the line is and you have to build trust. This is not something you shake out of your sleeve, “he says.


The entire interview can be seen on the national television website 


You need to know where the line is and build trust