Bergþóra Holton Tómasdóttir (1994) Management Coach

Coming from a basketball family, Bergþóra started playing basketball at an early age, winning the Iceland championship with Valur’s women’s team in 2019. Bergthora has played for all Iceland’s youth and senior national teams. Graduated film school in 2017. Her goal is to become the best coach in Iceland in the coming years. Bergþóra has certain ideas that girls should take up more space and be more assertive within the basketball community and continuously strives to change the perception of female coaches.

Brynjar Karl Sigurðsson (1973) Entrepreneur

At the age of 9, Brynjar Karl decided that he wanted to become a coach and got his first coaching job at 15 years old. He has coached for over three decades at all levels, what he enjoys most about coaching is empowering children and adolescents through coaching. Brynjar is an entrepreneur and is not afraid to take the road less traveled to get to where he’s going. Brynjar is taking full advantage of Athena to spend time with and coach his own children while continuing developing his coaching philosophy.

Eiríkur Ari Eiríksson (1996) Sales and Marketing Manager

Eiríkur is the most unique coach out of the group, he had never played basketball before becoming a coach at Athena. His interest and knowledge of the game has grown exponentially in the short time he’s been a part of the program, which is nothing short of amazing. Eirikur was a prominent soccer player through the youth ranks and holds caps for the Icelandic U-18 national team. When he’s not coaching, Eiríkur gives piano lessons. He was born to coach.

Eiður Sigurðursson (1991) Wrestling & Strength Coach

Holds multiple Icelandic championships in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Eiður is a wrestling and strength coach. For the past 4 years, he has worked with older groups of Athena. Many of the girls on the team have caught the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu bug from Eiður and go to his wrestling classes at RVK MMA.

Hallgrímur Pálmi Stefánsson (1987) Master Plumber

Hallgrímur was well on his way to become one of the top players in Iceland before injuries derailed his playing career at the age of 19. After finding a career path in plumbing he’s decided to return to basketball, as a coach. Hallgrímus has always meant to bring a positive change to his surroundings and work with young people. Hallgrímur himself was a problem child before he started playing for Brynjar Karl at the age of 12, which is one of the reasons Hallgrímur is eager to give back.

Vésteinn Sveinsson (1987) Computer Scientist

Vésteinn earned his degree while studying at Ashford University on a basketball scholarship in Clinton, IA. After graduating he spent some time as an assistant coach at Marshalltown Community College in Marshalltown, IA. Born and raised in Akranes, Iceland, he started playing basketball for coach Brynjar Karl at a young age. At 17, he joined the FSu Basketball Academy in Selfoss, Iceland. Vésteinn has the highest IQ of all of the coaches at Athena. Vésteinn is fluent Spanish, Portuguese, Danish and English. Plays a little guitar but can’t carry a tune.

Tómas Heiðar Holton Tómasson (1991) Manager

Tómas is a former pro basketball player turned coach. He earned a scholarship to Newberry College in South Carolina and got the chance to develop his skills overseas. He has played in Iceland’s top league for many years after returning home. His focus now is on coaching, developing the youngsters at Athena.

Þórarinn Friðriksson (1995) Farmer, fisherman, carpenter

Þórarinn, or Tóti for short, is an authentic farmer. Growing up in Hveragerði in south of Iceland, Tóti does not mess around. From a young age he was determined to go his own way and becoming a professional basketball player became his sole goal. As a bonus his passion for the sport also helped him stay out of trouble. He played in Iceland’s top league, but when he decided to start coaching there was no turning back. He has expressed that he has no interest in coaching senior teams, developing young athletes is what he wants to do.

Jóhann Páll Jónsson (1988) Strength & Conditioning coach

Jóhann has stated that his sole purpose in life is to rid athletes of their excuses. He has gathered his knowledge of strength training from all over, which leads to Athena’s players being introduced to many new, and strange, exercises. Jóhann is a coach at Mjölnir MMA where Iceland’s top MMA athletes train.

Jóhanna Jakobsdóttir (1981) PhD Biostatistics

Jóhanna is a Doctor of Biostatistics from the University of Pittsburgh, PA. An assistant professor in biostatistics at the University of Iceland, along with conducting research in the field of public health and genetics. Her two daughters have played for Brynjar since 2015 and 2019, respectively. Jóhanna contributes immensely to the program, managing the organization, fundraisers, practice and game trips, etc.

Henning Arnór Úlfarsson (1981) PhD Mathematics

Henning is a Doctor of Mathematics from Brown University, RI. An associate professor of mathematics, along with conducting research in the field combinatorics, a mathematical discipline focusing on counting things with certain attributes. Henning has represented Iceland at the Physics Olympics. His two daughters have played for Brynjar since 2015. From start, Henning has been an active member of the program and, among other things, regularly hosts math camps for his daughter’s teammates.

Páll Melsted (1980) PhD Mathematics

Páll is a Doctor of Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, PA. A professor of computer science, along with conducting research in the field of bioinformatics and genomics. He develops lighting fast high-capacity data processing algorithms. Páll also has represented Iceland in the Physics Olympics. His two daughters have played for Brynjar since 2015 and 2019, respectively. An active member of the program, he plans practice and traveling trips among other things.