Ethos of Athena

Athena is calling for your support in exchange for what we do best.

Our belief is that sports create a great platform to mimic real challenges and work through them and that way build stronger character. At Athena, character building is at the very heart of the development of our athletes. Athena is the ultimate character development program for youth where you’ll learn the way of an Athena athlete.

Despite being the tiniest club you’ve ever seen, Athena just shook up an entire nation, and is starting to make a global impact. Our kids are critical thinkers in the making, that are affecting the way people think of teens and kids.

As life gets more complicated everyday, it has never been more important to develop razor sharp life-skills. Join a growing group of youngsters and their families from all over the world, that are supporting Athena’s effort to Raise the Bar in terms of mental and emotional development of our youth.

Join our program and become the change you want to see in the world around you.

Athena needs a gym to grow

When you sign up for Ethos of Athena you join our mission to build Athena’s home.

Athena is currently without its own gym and the Icelandic sports environment isn’t build to support a new club such as Athena. The matter of building Athena’s own gym has been put in the hands of the volunteers of Athena and they are now calling out for your support.

Read more about Athena’s search for a gym here

Building Athena’s gym 24%

Choose your path

How deep will you go?

In Ethos of Athena you can choose between 4 path depending how far you want to take your mental training.

Monthly lessons from Coach Brynjar Karl

Athena girls feedback

Q&A with Coach Brynjar Karl

Members-only online chatroom

Exclusive monthly podcast episode

Level I


Paid annualy

$24.90 if paid monthly

level ii


paid annually

$46.90 if paid monthly

level iii


paid annually

$69.90 if paid monthly

level Iv


paid annually

$81.90 if paid monthly

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How the training works

Every month, the girls are introduced to new mental exercises which they will work on during the month, on and off the court. When you sign up, you’ll get access to their training program and work on the same life-shaping exercises and apply them you your own life.

Level I – Join the girls once a month in their class room and listen in as Coach  Brynjar goes through the mental-training topic of the month and explains the exercises.

Level II – Join the girls in practice as they dive deeper into the topic and exercises with Coach Brynjar. Hear their stories and see how they work through the exercises with Coach.

Level III – Get feedback from online participants in a members-only chatroom as well as a monthly Q&A with Coach Brynjar.

Level IV – Exclusive monthly podcast where Coach Brynjar talks with professional athletes and coaches about their mental training. The podcast will exclusively me available to members.

Athena’s story

Athena’s founding principles are deeply embedded in the clubs story. Even though the club was formally founded in 2019, it’s spirit was born years ago when a few girls showed up to their first basketball practice with Coach Brynjar Karl. Since then, the girls have walked through fire to achieve their goals and through their adversity grown to accomplish remarkable things.

When you join Ethos of Athena you buy in to the values the club was founded on as while keeping the same values alive as you help us write the next chapter in Athena’s story.

Before you become a part of our future, you should get to know our past: